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Mrs. O'Toole-Frederick

Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

The Administrative Team of Don Bosco Technology Academy welcomes you back to the new school year! It is our privilege to have the chance to work with such dedicated staff, wonderful students, and supportive parents. We are thrilled with the opportunity to get to know all of you and engage in the educational process together.

Middle school is a critical time of development for students and families alike, and we look forward to working with all of you to make this year successful. We are lifelong educators who bring a firm commitment to students and families, as well as a love of learning and problem solving.

Our staff is committed to working with students and their families as a team. Our rigorous curriculum is directly aligned to the New Jersey Student State Learning Standards (NJSLS) and we are dedicated to helping each child achieve his/her fullest potential. In addition to our rigorous curriculum, our school continues to implement PBSIS as well as other student, staff, and community initiatives to build and strengthen the climate and culture at DBTA. With that said, we welcome your support.

Research shows that parental involvement in education benefits the child. These benefits are: higher levels of academic achievement; positive attitudes toward learning; and greater sense of maturity and responsibility. Because the benefits are so great, we urge you to take part as much as possible in the life of our school. It does take an entire village to raise a child!

Parents, please make sure to schedule a time to discuss any concerns you may have with your child’s teacher. Also, please know we are available to meet with you in person or by telephone. As instructional leaders of this school, we are responsible for all decisions made in the best interests of our children.

Once again, we welcome all of you back to another exciting and productive year! Thank you for your anticipated support.


Mrs. Cecilia O’Toole-Frederick