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DBTA Uniforms

Uniform Message



Dear Parents/Guardians,


As we prepare for the start of the upcoming school year, we are writing to thank you for your continued support throughout this past school year regarding school uniforms. We are extremely proud of our hard-working, dedicated students and are grateful for your involvement in your child’s education.


To promote learning and to foster a safe and positive school environment, Paterson Public Schools’ parents voted in favor of school uniforms in 2010. As a result, school uniforms are required as of the first day of school. Consequently, we are confident that our students will wear their school uniforms with pride.


Please review the following information regarding school uniforms:

Grades 6-8 Boys           Burgundy Polo Shirts (polo, knit or button-down) Khaki Pants (No Denim)

Grades 6-8 Girls            Burgundy Polo Shirts (polo, knit or button-down) Khaki Pants, Skirt or Dress (No Denim)

Shoes/Footwear            Sneakers or Solid Black Shoes

Grades 6-8 Gym Wear   Gym Uniforms:  Gray T-Shirt & Burgundy  Bottom  (shorts  or sweatpants)


We look forward to seeing our students show school pride as they wear their school uniforms!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Don Bosco Tech main office at 973.321.0580.




Mrs. Cecilia O'Toole-Frederick